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I’m a blogger. Blogging is one of my primary sources of income(as it was written, so it shall be done), my work is mostly in front of my computer. There are no physical co-workers in my business. Sometimes it can get lonely and I am prone to feeling “rut” like symptoms at least once a month. I need a cyber water cooler and here is why you probably need a cyber water cooler too.

Just recently I was introduced to a Facebook group for bloggers. It has been an amazing source of upliftment. Not only are the women in the group generous and resourceful, but they are funny. It was within the last two months or so that I realized that wow; I need this cyber water cooler!

hijiki salad
Lunch break by SOLDELI

I need that break in the day or break in the week when I can engage in some witty banter and chat about how business is going. Sometimes there is hot tea at the watercooler and everyone needs that now and then. The “gossip” is never malicious, catty or negative. Usually,  the women share insider tips that us newbies eat up. Today I learned about something that could have saved me quite a bit of embarrassment.

tara kamiya
I got this!

If you work from home, in front of your computer or have little human interaction in your work, you might want to consider a cyber watercooler situation. Try joining a group or thread of professionals. Just having someone to vent to at times relieves a lot of stress. Just about any social media platform can serve as that. I like the Facebook groups. Once you start to form relationships within the group, there is always a chance for you to take your conversation into private and form real lasting friendships.  


The women in the group are often cheerleaders that help you find your courage to make that next big move. Since I have started chatting with other bloggers, a lot of fear has dissipated. Seeing what other women have accomplished makes me feel proud. I want to achieve success fearlessly. I want to fully accept abundance in all aspects of my life. When you have a source of inspiration and empowerment that becomes easy.

At our cyber water cooler we are turning water into wine.

Cheers ladies!

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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