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Why you should clean up for the housekeeper.

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Modern times call for modern measures.  I am a stay at home mom and I have a housekeeper. I know…this lazy so and so, but let me explain.

I have started doing my mompreneur thing again. Blogging, Vlogging, Etsy, and Writing. I have at least one book that I need to get out this year. I also have a few other random projects that I am involved in.

All of these personal goals make me feel whole. In addition to caring for my family I like to do a little wheeling and dealing. Right now I still have two children at home running around snatching things off of my desk and it is not going so well. Rather than go into part two of my post from last month I will get to the point. I got a housekeeper!

Japan offers domestic help through various services. Being that Japan is dealing with an aging population and trying to nurture couples to have at least one child, they offer assistance. Through the prefectural offices/City Hall you can request childcare, nursing care for the elderly as well as cleaning help. Where I am in Japan it costs me about ¥650 per visit. Our housekeeper comes for 1 hour twice a week and washes the dishes, vacuums and picks up the toys. She is allowed to do more for us, but I am most comfortable with dishes and vacuuming.

As someone who comes from a working class family, initially I felt guilty. I thought well, perhaps if I just learned how to be more organized I would not need the help. Would the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing help me? So many people suggested reading Marie Kondo’s book.
Great advice on downsizing and organizing! It is a big hit in Japan as well as other countries now. It helped tremendously, but after reading it, I still had two little ones running rampant. I still needed help. Could Mari Kondo babysit though?Haha!

So once I called City Hall and got the services going I found myself cleaning up for the housekeeper. I laughed at myself and felt a little embarrassed. I mean, why in the world would I pre-clean for the help that I claimed I needed?

Well, here is what I have found out after just 2 months.

1.There is a difference between cleaning and tidying.

Getting the clothes off of the floor so the housekeeper could vacuum. Finishing breakfast and getting all of the dishes in the sink so she could wash them. I tidy, she cleans. Washing the dishes and vacuuming are two things that I desperately need done. In one hour she can take care of those for me if the house is tidy, but if she had to gather up the dishes and pick up all the clothes probably not.

2.Is that my Tiffany tea-cup you just scrubbed down?

Putting away your valuable items is important. You cannot expect everyone who comes to your home to know what is of value to you. The best thing for you to do is get it out of her way so she can go to town cleaning.

3.Quality Time is priceless

Whether the housekeeper costs $¥500 or ¥5000, if you can afford it, do it! Your little ones will only be little for a little while. Your husband would probably enjoy more of your company as well. Your fiends have lots of gossip and miss your jokes. No matter what we tell ourselves and how great it feels to go shopping, the biggest value in life is love. If you can spend more time with people who make you feel good, why not!

Well, that’s it. Hope you have a great week. Please share your life lessons regarding cleaning in the comments.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya


5 thoughts on “Why you should clean up for the housekeeper

  1. Thank you. What’s important is love. You are wise beyond your years. My kids are grown (in college) and it’s true, even though at the time, when they were toddlers, time seems to stand still but before I knew it, they are grown and gone. Treasure each moment!
    P.s. I started following you when I read your first post about how you met your husband and how the universe heard me and how you understood about loneliness. You are an inspiration. Again, thank you.

  2. That is a great read ! My husband is against me getting any help. My friend used to be a housekeeper. And she did not tidy either. Then the family started to ask her to tidy and more and more for the same price. She quit of course lol

  3. I tidy before my ladies come because if I don’t, I may never find those things again! And it’s not because they take them. They just put them in a place I would never think to look. Lol. My house is much better off since I got cleaning ladies, and I’m a write-at-home mom. I don’t have time for cleaning the way they do.

  4. That is so true! Not just the cleaning, but the quality of the cleaning. Thanks for reading. Be Well.

  5. i’m a stay at home mom too, i want a cleaning lady too…my friend is a mom of 3 just like you tara her cleaning lady comes 3 times a week full day!!

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