5 Breakfast Cereals for Expats

As the weather gets cooler, I begin my hunt for cold weather staples. Here are some links to 5 breakfast cereals that you can order online with a shipping cost of about ¥406.

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You can purchase Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios here. Kids love them and they make good snacks for on the go. On a lazy Saturday morning, there is nothing like shaking a few of these in the bowl with some nice milk of choice.


Some people know this as Cream of Wheat. Even if you have a brand that you love from home, this is excellent. The quality of Bob’s Red Mill does not disappoint. You can purchase Whole Wheat Farina here.

When you first arrive in Japan the last thing on your mind is, “Where can I get a good burger?” The food here is amazing and with so many fresh food options, who would be on the hunt for S.A.D.(Standard American Diet) of crap with a side of crap. Not me, or so I thought. After a few months for some, for me a few years you start to crave a taste of home. I also had no idea that it would be so tough to find out where to get Western Food in Japan.

Heart to Heart Cereal

Organic options are not a problem, I have found an amazing selection! These taste great! They are a little tougher than Cheerios so be sure to soak them a bit before giving them to toddlers or if you have delicate dental work. Purchase Heart to Heart Cereal here.


My favorite and yours! I had to offer a suggestion for oatmeal. Rolled oats are best for health, but through the link you can also search for instant and flavored options. Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats can be purchased here.

I use the term Western food very loosely, what I really mean is non-Japanese food. Even though the offerings here are spectacular, you were not raised on it. I grew up eating food from basic American culture as well as food from African-American culture. Being so far away from home there is nothing like mom’s chicken soup when you feel sick. Nothing like some hot biscuits and cider when it starts to get cool outside. We all have our thing.  I did not expect, nor do I wish to see wall to wall breakfast cereals here. Sometimes you just have a hankering for a taste of home. I have found a few resources, so I am sharing the links here.


This last suggestion is a cultural classic. I grew up eating these. My Russian and Italian friends know about these too. We won’t get into a debate over sugar, salt or cheese on these, but you can try them yourself at home. Excellent taste and quality. Purchase Polenta Corn Grits here.

Have a great fall season and be well!

Tara Kamiya

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Happy Anniversary, married 8 years!

wedding in japan

Wedding in Japan

Hard to believe I have been married for 8 years. When we were featured on the show Four Weddings, we had already been married for a year. First we got married at City Hall in NYC and then the next year we decided to have a small eco friendly wedding. A year after that we had another ceremony in Japan.

Doing the reality show was a fun time for me. I learned a lot about my strengths as a personality. You can watch me on Season 2, Episode 1. We are still one of the most popular shows worldwide. When a friend mentioned that she had seen us on TV in Spain I was floored!

The years are flying by. So many changes and so many challenges.

“We are moving to Japan.”

“Honey, that is not detergent.”

“How much debt do you have?”

” I think you should be a stay at home mom.”

“What do you think about life in Cambodia?”

Tara from 4 weddings

Tara from 4 Weddings

Many things come your way when you are a couple. Then you become a family and there are even more decisions to make. We now have three children.

laundry in japan


We don’t really celebrate our anniversary because we have a few to celebrate, but also, we try to celebrate a good life together just by being good to each other. I hope you are having a great week.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya


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Tanabata Star Festival in Japan

Tanabata Star Festival in Japan

What is Tanabata Star Festival? A couple of years ago when my little one brought home some blank strips of paper I was perplexed. He was not really able to articulate what I was supposed to do with them and I was clueless. Although I was interested in Japan and had studied Japanese before moving to Japan, it is impossible to know or even remember every festival and holiday.


Tanabata Paper Strips

Now I know what to do with those little strips of paper. Tanabata Star Festival  is celebrated on July 7th as well as August 7th in some regions.The origins go back to China and the legend says that two stars/lovers were separated and can meet once a year during the 7th month on the 7th day. Isn’t this the sweetest story?

Make a wish

Make a wish

Children and Adults write their wishes on strips of colored paper and hang them on bamboo branches. Many students will wish for good grades and the intelligence to do well in school. Not sure what I will wish for this year. I thought it would be good if I participate as well. It can be a really fun way of setting goals.

Tanabata Bamboo Tree

via youinjapan.net

Walking around town you can see huge trees of “wishes” hanging in shops and schools. When you see these wish trees all over town you know that summer has begun. It is also a hopeful sign for students that summer vacation will soon start. They are always so colorful and full of hope. It’s lovely to see how the traditions are celebrated here.

Japanese Fireworks

Hanabi (fireworks)

We don’t celebrate many of the festivals and holidays here in Japan. I feel super guilty about that, but the culture shock is never ending. I am finally starting to feel like I live here, but it is a long road yet.

The children help me along a lot because they are growing up here and it’s all they know. I feel so happy when I see the children enjoying everything. Their first hand experiences are mine as well.

This year my son asked me to write a wish on the paper that I am not quite sure what it means. We are at that stage now when he has become my translator and I have become his. It is quite funny. There are so many things that we don’t talk about in our everyday, that you never know what vocabulary is going to pop up and leave us a bit confused.

I hope you all had a good holiday where you are. Thank you for all of your support!

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya





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4 Scenarios when your family needs Legal Help

Life isn’t perfect. Most adults will tell you that we can expect just as many unfortunate situations to complement the fortunate ones. Whether it’s work stresses, family problems or just lack of energy, sometimes, life gets you down. Sometimes your family needs legal help.

family needs legal help

From: https://pixabay.com/en/law-justice-court-judge-legal

Fortunately, in life, we aren’t alone. We always have help at our disposal to combat any problems that may befall us. Whether it’s family, friends or a third party, it’s a comfort to know that we don’t have to do things alone.

This in mind, I’d like to offer you some nuggets of advice. When life’s problems strike and they’re more severe than ‘there’s no milk in the fridge’, perhaps it’s wise to make a legal case. So, here are four when your family needs legal help.

Please note that not this article does not claim to represent professional legal advice. Just use these tips to make an informed decision for yourself!

If someone is injured and it wasn’t your family’s fault

There are dozens of scenarios that can result in this predicament. Maybe your prescription medication had adverse side effects. Perhaps you went on a family adventure out to the theme park, and the toilet floor wasn’t correctly mopped. Whether it was you, your kids or your partner, the choice is yours whether you take matter further with an injury lawyer.

Above all else, it might be wise to draw attention to the issue. Who knows how many families could have a similar accident to yours? By placing some legal attention on the matter at hand, the company in question will be more likely to solve the issue, out of fear

When there’s a rift in your family

Lawyers and solicitors can offer more than just pure legal advice – they can help you mediate too. If there’s a problem between two or more family members which could have legal ramifications, a lawyer can help you reach a resolution.

If your relatives aren’t happy with a will

This one is a common issue. Perhaps your estate wasn’t divided as equally as the recipients would have liked. If your family begins to argue over the will of a recently deceased loved one, it may be a good idea to seek legal aid.

This will accomplish two things. One, it will tell you if the deceased person’s estate was not divided equally, by law. In this case, a fair decision can be reached about who gets what. Secondly, it may raise questions as to the validity of the documents in question. Were they written fairly? Did someone place an influence over the will-writer? Time will tell!

If you want to adopt

Adopting a child is among the most noble and selfless acts a person can perform – but it’s not without its pitfalls. Whether it’s an international adoption or a multi-child adoption, it’s wise to brush up on your rights with the help of a lawyer.

The adoption process involves the signing of several important documents, so you can seek advice on what these all mean. It’s a tricky process, but ultimately, the outcome is rather rewarding. Don’t be afraid to go for it!

I hope this helps you make some clear decisions about your situation.

Thank you for reading.

Be Well!

Tara Kamiya

*This is a contributed post approved by Tara Kamiya


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