Happy Mail!

I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Unfortunately living in Japan did not make “Happy Mail” possible.

North Carolina
All mail to North Carolina

What is Happy Mail? It’s snail mail that I get from you guys to show on my channel or gifts.

What isn’t Happy Mail? I am not soliciting. Merchandise received for promotion is something we would have negotiated or agreed upon beforehand. Anything sent without prior conversation will be considered a gift which means that I may or may not show it on my channel.

In the past many people have asked where they could send something for myself or the kids. Unfortunately I just did not have a place. Now I do!

I’m excited mostly because I love snail mail and look forward to setting up an exchange. Maybe Valentines…maybe birthday cards. I hope this turns into a fun way for us to communicate. Especially since I have been away so long. Do you like Happy Mail(snail mail)?

Have a great weekend!

-Tara Kamiya

Send promo materials and gifts to: Tara C. 13000 South Tryon Street Ste F- 186 Charlotte, NC 28278
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Upload to YouTube

Upload to YouTube

I’m so glad to be back. If you are subscribed to my channel you would have noticed that I did an official upload to YouTube for 2020.

I’ll fill everyone in on the family and share some experiences about living in Japan. 

The warm reception and the comments overall have been fantastic. 

100% likes the first day. Thank you! 

More to come. So far I have a schedule for us. Saturday and Wednesday new upload to YouTube. Mondays will be a release of an old video. I won’t put all the old videos back up. I looked terrible y’all. LOL…but hey, we all have some ego and I have to flex those 5k and 9k views that I got when I started. I hope you enjoy the content and be sure to leave a comment about any questions you have. Japan was a magnificent experience but it was not without some difficulty and sadness. I’ll share in the weeks to come. Have a great week and I will see you in a new video Wednesday 🙂  

-Tara K

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Happy New Year 2020

The Kamiya family is wishing you a happy and prosperous new year. 

Last night we made vision boards. There are so many things that we want for ourselves. Sometimes it can be difficult to nail down which goal we want to tackle first. 

Sometimes goal setting is more than just writing things down. There is a psychology to success. I find most people struggle with the deserving part.

Being in a space where you feel like you are good enough and deserve things like a Hellcat can be the biggest barrier. I try to raise my children to understand that they don’t have to do anything to deserve love and you don’t have to be anyone special to have nice things right now.

Our biggest goal as a family for 2019 was to change our lives. Japan had become stale. Stagnant if you will. We all wanted a change. So many things going on in our lives were not planned and we felt ourselves living a life that was inauthentic. I speak mostly of my husband and myself.

The children are happy if we are happy. I’ve come to realize that. Although Japan provided a gentle start for my children and is a nice place to live we were certain that we did not want them to grow up there for all of their years. Now that we’ve moved back to The States we’re crafting a new lifestyle. 

I’m watching my very Japanese family struggle with food, language and lifestyle. Much like I did when I moved to Japan 7 years ago. Actually I am pretty lucky that I love Japanese food and learned to make quite a few dishes. Food aside expat life is hard. I’m not even confident that there is much I can do to ease their transition. Nevertheless, here we are. This is expat life and I am so happy to be back on my blog welcoming you into 2020 and sharing with you our journey as a family.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya

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Blasian Children’s Book

Thank you so much for reading and checking on me. I was hard at work on my blasian children’s book. Hopefully the first of many. I see comments still coming through on YouTube about if I will come back. I’d love to, but I don’t know if I am there yet. This is what I was hard at work on while I was away. Now available on Amazon.

blasian children's book
My first book!

I wanted to contribute something to the conversation, especially since I had not been available to share about my life for so long. The children are growing and happy. I am still married (10 years!!) and we have lots to share. This blasian children’s book based on my first 2 children is dear to my heart.

Over the years I spent a lot of time trying to get this project out and also contributing in the expat community in Japan. It has been difficult because we live so far out but I made the effort. Next month will be the Black Women in Japan conference. You can see what is planned for that event on their instagram here.

I’m currently looking to start my next project about my little girl. If you know a water color artist please share this post and contact me about working together.

The artist for this book is still in touch and working on amazing projects. I see us working on some expansion in 2020. Keep up with Drew here. I hope you are all well and thank you for being a key reason in me pushing this project. All children deserve to see themselves represented in literature.

Be well.

To buy my first Blasian Children’s book click here.

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